Finding The Perfect Wedding Present

Do you need some inspiration when choosing the perfect wedding present for the bride and groom-to-be? Whilst wedding lists can be helpful and honeymoon contributions have become more common, we still find that many of our customers are looking for something more distinctive and special.

What better place to look than award-winning company Robert Welch who combine beautiful, contemporary design with everyday functionality.

The Perfect Wedding Present




If you are looking for a showstopper then the graceful and flowing shape of the Windrush candlestick makes a sculptural statement on its own or when interlocked to create a stunning candelabrum. 

Alternatively the statuesque nature of the Arden candlesticks bring elegance and sophistication to a table setting and would certainly make a stand-out present.






Cutlery is another popular choice for a wedding gift as it lasts a lifetime.

Robert Welch's Stanton design has been our best-seller for a number of years as its curved lines make it both beautiful to look at but also comfortable to hold.

It is available in 24pc, 42pc, 56pc and 84pc gift-boxed sets along with matching salad servers, steak knives, coffee spoons, long-handled spoons and even a mini child's set!

We also have a great offer with a special limited edition 30pc set which comprises the 24pc set with 6 free steak knives.





Why not have a look at the Robert Welch Drift collection too. Inspired by the wind-hewn patterns left in snow and sand, each piece is characterised by its undulating shape which creates dramatic light reflections on surrounding surfaces.

From serving bowls to champagne buckets this range contains some really eye-catching designs which have a timeless elegance. Something for your wedding couple to cherish for years to come.