You Can Never Have Too Many Mugs!

Repeat Repeat Quinto and Olive mugs


Mugs! We all have our favourites don't we?

Small ones for espresso, large ones for tea, tall ones for hot chocolate and lattes, wide ones to cool drinks quickly, comforting shaped ones to warm our hands, those that match or those that stand out - we often pick a different mug for a different occasion but one thing's for sure, it's always lovely to receive a new one!

We have been big fans of Repeat Repeat's white bone china range since we first set up the business nearly 20 years ago. This range looks as contemporary now as it did back then, which proves that good design really can be timeless. Owners Gillian and Mark are passionate about keeping the skills and craftsmanship of the English Potteries alive, combining traditional techniques with modern design. The mugs are made by first pouring the liquid clay into a mould by hand. They then go through 20 different processes and 3 firings in a kiln before they are ready!

Many of the delicate relief patterns are inspired by the natural world and with seven different shapes to choose from there's sure to be one to suit all tastes.

Plum - still the best seller with its comforting plum-like shape
Large Plum - for serious tea or coffee drinkers as it holds a full pint!
Skinny - tall and sleek so great for lattes and for keeping your drink hot
Tulip - cosy and comforting to hold with a wider, very stable base
Tom Tom - a more traditional shape but holds over half a pint
Olive - smaller, so perfect for fitting under espresso machines 
Quinto - the new kid on the block inspired by a small Cuban drum!


So if you are looking for a really distinctive gift for a loved one this Christmas then why not treat them to one of these lovely mugs? And if you want to splash out, then please use the offer code REPEAT10 at the checkout to receive a 10% discount when your order 2 or more from any of the seven styles.