Merry British Christmas

Bring a little joy into people's lives this Christmas with our collection of products from some fine British brands. Don't let lockdowns get in the way of dressing the Christmas table or letting someone know that they're special. Our 2020 Christmas Collection features products that are both eclectic and will bring happiness well beyond this Christmas.

Emma Bridgewater's ever-popular ceramics feature strongly as we're one of the small group of retailers to get 'first dibs' at their short-run designs. 2020 offers a strong design palette through vivid blues, pea greens and berry reds, allowing for colour theming or mix-and-match - it's your choice.
For something distinct, we're very pleased to have the new British Colour Standard candles in stock (it's a standard with a lot of heritage, but it's never been used as a brand before). Being handmade, each candle has small variations, making them unique.
Thornback & Peel's quirky and quintessentially British designs are loved by a growing number of people. As a stockist since their early days, it's lovely to see additions like melamine placemats and extra kitchen textiles adding to their appeal.

We've plenty more for friends and family, from Sam Wilson's Cotswolds-based textiles to Silverwood Bakeware  - just up the road from Sam's in Birmingham.

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